Lipstick was the taste in my mouth.

Tasting it before I woke, sweet with thought,

then got up with my friend,  headache.

She was gone.

Truth is she was gone before I met her.

Aches will return, she will not.

Years ago our lives circled the same sun

Her body, is the only object circling in my head

We dreamed, we loved, we fought, we made up, we made love.

Two dream moons circling the future.

Our orbits shifted over the years

Now I’m empty as the bottles in my room.

A chance encounter last night

Through music loud like a sonic boom

Her sight pulled me, as black holes do

No need to tell

No job

No goal

Just revolving around a sun

Last night she understood, she knew.

I reminded her of my potential left undone.

She reminded me of everything I did not become.

Our orbits now are wider.

Our only future, a possible eclipse

Our night.

Our encounter.

Our orbital collision.

Shook me like no other bang.