What happens when the eagle flies.

When the nest no longer offers rest.

Hunting skills on survival mode

Life plays out under wings so bold.


That’s how it is and was with us.

Labor, now the air beneath our wings.

Hunting skills brought home a meal.

No time to find your inner self.


What would an eagle contemplate,

if the nest allowed his stay.

Eagles now unite and fight?

For things we all should crave.


Would the eagle struggle with the rabbits demise?

Or create a source of power on the rise.

Or question an illness of a fowled friend.

Or fly to unknown streams or bends.


What a joy to allow our nest,

a haven to explore our best.

A spot to view the universe

A home to help those who need a rest.


Creating wealth as humans do, gives a gift.

A gift of time, time to create.

To create a nest from which to zoom.

Listen and obey that call,

It will will help us all, dance at the universal ball.


We are a world of enlightened beings,

watching eagles flight for life.

No gift of time is in their nest.

Yet for us,

Time will be our biggest test.