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 I sat under the stars on a warm night

With friends

The stars listened

They have heard and seen so much

Those stars know a lot about me

About my friends

Those stars heard

The sounds of my ancestors

But stars fail to realize

That they too, will disappear



At times

Most times

I long

To be alone

At times

Most times

I’m insulted

By a knock on the door

At times

Some times

I enjoy

The company of friends

But understand this

All times

Every day

I crave my solitude

The clock and I

Have a relationship

We do not like to share

Time is a very jealous friend

Being alone is time absorbed

Absorbed alone with my universe

It’s how I share this galaxy

So say it again

And again

At times

Most times

I long

To be alone

To be alone

Is the sum

Of me

Of me

Missing you



They should have left Jesus in his tomb

It would have served us well

Leave the dead

Sleeping in their coffins

The living would sleep better still


Serve the living

Glorify our heartbeats

Sing songs praising the universe

Write poems about justice

Celebrate humanity

Talk with the old

Play with the young


Onward marching soldiers

Marching hand in hand

With the mark of stardust

As our only brand

We, the loyal master

Leads against folklore

forward into kinship

See our banners flow



What young man doesn’t like to roam the desert

Hot and sultry

So many hills and curves to hide in

Territory constantly being searched.

The search for the oasis

is exhausting

But it hardens most men

Shrubs hide the well

The well of pleasure and life

Old men also roam the desert

The hills and curves are oh so familiar

It offers comfort

A place of rest

A place of restoration

The softness of the well

Compliments his own softness

The well of pleasure and life



 I found a string this morning

Amidst the leaves

Near a bench

The air had that morning scent

A scent of autumn

A scent of stars

I walked to pick it up

Crunching leaves with every step

My scarf secures me with warmth

I squeeze the string

Longing to find you on the other end



We laid in bed

Our hands in a clasp

I drifted into sleep

Holding on to my dream




Raindrops fall as if pint sized parachutes

Feet invade a lush universe

Beyond the stone wall (acting as the sentinel)

Sculptured with imagination

Moss sparkles with essence

Glows green as if plugged in

This carpet

So green

So moist

So cool

Masquerades my path in a hush

Twigs squint as I walk by

Raindrops gently bow my head

I’m humbled by this beauty

Aware am I, that this

This moment

Belongs to me

Absorbing this

Is life at its fullest

I thank the sentinel

A shepherd of this beauty

Going Down

Going down

A little boy in a little house

Surrounded by big hearts in a big city

Bed time

So he grabbed Grover

With Grover under one arm and a book under the other

He announced “we’re going down”

Down to the bedroom

Down to a world of sleep

Between the real and unreal

From the known to unknown

To go to sleep requires a brave heart

You need a friend for the journey

You need a good story before the trip

Reduction sauce

Reduction Sauce

Standing in the kitchen.


Cradling a glass of merlot.


Her hands, stirring, the reduction sauce.

She stirs,

I am reduced in thought.

Thoughts of those hands.

Holding children.

Holding me.

Those hands have held my head in tears.

In love.


Those hands have shaped me.

I am the sauce.

reduced to awe.

elated to be in her vessel.

A Wine Affair

A Wine Affair.

You get out of bed hanging on to things.

You go to bed hanging on to things.

I am a suitor to wine, she has become my life vine.

A sleeping pill – not quite.

A crutch – not quite.

She is a smooth sultry succulent sensation.

We have a hankering to hold hands.

At times I question her motives,

she answers with sweet drops of love on my lips.

She tongues me.

Her body is an appreciation of allurement.

Cultivating curves so cool to caress.

My finger always discovers the dimple in her bottom.

Most are blonds – I always hold them gently.

It’s like foreplay – screw the top and relish in the rest.

Some guys put notches in their bed frame,

I place trophies in the recycling bin.

Sometimes I’m detected,

Bill Clinton and I can commensurate,

stains spill the story.

Nevertheless we retain our relationship.

With her, the stem of my glass is always firm.

Yes, she is pleased as I spin her skirt in my glass.

I see her around town, we glance, she states her price.

I pay for this pleasure and take her home disguised, hidden in a bag.

At times, in restaurants, her emergence embarrasses me.

You know, love is like that, especially with passionate relationships.

I do love her.

And when that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc sits in a in a cool sweat.

I know we are both ready for a delightful evening.