Hear that rhythm


I want to hear that rhythm.

I want to soak up jazz,

that, boom, boom, beat.

Licks fade but never sleep.


The language of jazz

is willing within.

Can’t be translated,

such a sensational sin.

You taste the feel.

You tap your glass.

You say “oh yeah”.

Hit the rim of your hat,

when they swing B flat.


Coffee compliments the feel.

Bourbon aids to heighten your zeal.

Love spins your head to the grooves

A perfect partner for your blues.


Live jazz is where it’s at,

discover your joint and call it a wrap.

That place is an intellectual key.

Your rhythmic finish is a footnote in G.


Find a stick and start the beat.

Read a poem to create some heat.

Snap your fingers for the fusion.

Life at its finest a musical illusion .