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O U & Phil

Ohio University 

I attended OU for one year.

That was an excellent education money did not buy.

Yet I failed to thank someone for it,

That is,

“outside of a small circle of friends”.

Thank you Phil Ochs.




A poet without words,

speaking a language prior generations never heard.

An artist without a brush,

paints a canvas of imagination.

A visionary, with boundaries he cut,

saw a future we could not.

A tycoon of industry,

yet, each customer felt Steve’s touch.

A man that ignored culture’s dogma,

taught us to follow a personal dream.



They say men think about sex 3 or 4 times an hour.

So when I’m at the bar with three friends.

We each have a few beers in 3 hours.

That means together we had 48 sexual thoughts.

But sex only came up in conversation 21 times.

What a waste of thought.