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Get up, look back, a beautiful mess

Non better then an unmade bed

Thoughts of who took off that dress

When worries left my head

Rapt in the unkept

Room for discord

Such a joy



Three Valves

Three Valves *

All he needs

Are three valves of expression


gently closed in invocation


holding an external exclamation


verbalize a vibration

His face shows years of creating

Tuffs of gray border brass

His body aged with intonation

Swaying swing 

                Sharing song

                              Spirits’ slang

Freedom from timidity

A story is spoken

With notes and love and soul 

Sounds that paint a picture

Colors patch a canvas of cadence

Listen, see the psalm 

Thank you trumpet man

Your vibrations reverberate



Universe of jazz



The judge sentenced him

Like a wolf in a storm he stood alone

Now knowing he was the hunted

While in school

He navigated the dismay

In buildings that manifest the disarray

The community center’s padlocks

Expose a broken pledge

Yet the wolf knew where to play

Broken families manifest the disarray

He enters prison, modern and new

Guards salaries twice teachers’ pay

His prison family accepts him as prey

Society now stands in front of the judge

While leader packs look away

Feeding on those with green in their claws

And prisons manifest the disarray




 I found a string this morning

Amidst the leaves

Near a bench

The air had that morning scent

A scent of autumn

A scent of stars

I walked to pick it up

Crunching leaves with every step

My scarf secures me with warmth

I squeeze the string

Longing to find you on the other end

Equals Two

Equals Two

One plus one equals two



E = MC²


Is God in math?

Everything we know about the universe

Is explained through equations

is math = to god?

Are numbers, gods gift to help us understand?

What a wonderful thought

Gods language expressed in equations.

In the beginning there was an equation

And all became known

Gravity follows an equation

What goes up math brings down

Equations determine the destiny of our universe

Determines you

You are here

Brouwer fixed point theorem

Essence of life explained with numbers

What numbers await you?

Could the big bang be one exploding equation?

A universe of math

You and I have been given

A portal to the mystery

One plus one equals you²



We laid in bed

Our hands in a clasp

I drifted into sleep

Holding on to my dream




Raindrops fall as if pint sized parachutes

Feet invade a lush universe

Beyond the stone wall (acting as the sentinel)

Sculptured with imagination

Moss sparkles with essence

Glows green as if plugged in

This carpet

So green

So moist

So cool

Masquerades my path in a hush

Twigs squint as I walk by

Raindrops gently bow my head

I’m humbled by this beauty

Aware am I, that this

This moment

Belongs to me

Absorbing this

Is life at its fullest

I thank the sentinel

A shepherd of this beauty

A Face

A Face

There is a face etched in my mind

A face ever so kind

I spotted that face visiting my hometown

A face I have known for so long

Loving and gentle as a beautiful song

A moment in time oh so strong

Half a century passed like the mist of a white gown

I knew that smile, a circle came around

Now An old lady, still in my hometown

Same house

Same furniture

Pictures of her husband, long gone

Pictures of her children




Each picture reflects a life aging

Each picture reflects a love raging

Each picture reflects a moment in time

As a child we left with anxiety

Immigrated to a land across the sea.

Now, I’m still moved by her ageless face of love,

As She poured a cup of tea

with a symbol of a dove

She died soon after

But here is my thought

She left a legacy with just her smile

Her touch

Her love

 Her care

How will we present the face we share

In 50 years will someone care


A Reason for the Season

A Reason for the Season

The holiday season is unique

Lively living with lights and laughter

Much to do about giving and love

I must add for me it’s a banquet of life

A celebration of family and friends

Even strangers become a delight

Memories are also part of this meal

Favorite gifts are ones not bought

Childhood thoughts are like dessert

sweet and sprinkled with melancholy

Things are missed this time of year

Wishing lost loved ones where once again here

Also missed is someone once held dear

Someone I talked to through out the year

For you see this season there is no Christ

Only stories and fables created by a few

He can not hear those sitting in a pew

We alone create this season of love

This helps me understand

A reason for the season

So be of good cheer

It’s amazing what stardust has made

In billions of years

The Grill

The Grill


I’m grilling tonight, the essence, so sweet.

Gently blowing the scent to my neighbors.


I wonder if she smells those puffs of dragon air.

I wonder if she cares.


Sometimes my other neighbors grill.

I smell the aroma in the air.

Instantly hungry, almost like a bear.


Tonight I wonder why none of us share.