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She danced

Holding her dress


He danced

Holding her heart



A moment

A celebration

A birth

A birth of joy


The young

Alcohol excited their exuberance


The old

Alcohol excites their memories


The band plays on

Playing songs that vibrate a chord

A chord in us all

The chord that all is precious

Laughter and tears

Are heard between sets


Weddings are a precious gift

Between life’s sets


*Dedicated to Mandy and Brian




 I sat under the stars on a warm night

With friends

The stars listened

They have heard and seen so much

Those stars know a lot about me

About my friends

Those stars heard

The sounds of my ancestors

But stars fail to realize

That they too, will disappear

Talk To Me Baby

Talk to me baby

I’m tired of my voice

Talk to me baby

My thoughts have no choice


The bartender pours

While he ponders my look

I simply wrote my desires

Tonight that will be my book


To hold a beautiful woman

Delivers the brain to flesh

Words are useless in that moment

Darling it’s you, not the dress


Talk to me baby

I’m tired of my voice

Talk to me baby

My thoughts have no choice


Talk to me baby

I have spent all my cares

Talk to me baby

I’m the only one listening to your prayers


My love, after dinner

There are two things left on my plate

One is love

The other is hate


I write words that need to escape

I read words that seek a home

My muse sits on my shoulder

I realize he’s on loan


Talk to me baby

I’m tired of my voice

Talk to me baby

My thoughts have no choice

A Reason for the Season

A Reason for the Season

The holiday season is unique

Lively living with lights and laughter

Much to do about giving and love

I must add for me it’s a banquet of life

A celebration of family and friends

Even strangers become a delight

Memories are also part of this meal

Favorite gifts are ones not bought

Childhood thoughts are like dessert

sweet and sprinkled with melancholy

Things are missed this time of year

Wishing lost loved ones where once again here

Also missed is someone once held dear

Someone I talked to through out the year

For you see this season there is no Christ

Only stories and fables created by a few

He can not hear those sitting in a pew

We alone create this season of love

This helps me understand

A reason for the season

So be of good cheer

It’s amazing what stardust has made

In billions of years

The Grill

The Grill


I’m grilling tonight, the essence, so sweet.

Gently blowing the scent to my neighbors.


I wonder if she smells those puffs of dragon air.

I wonder if she cares.


Sometimes my other neighbors grill.

I smell the aroma in the air.

Instantly hungry, almost like a bear.


Tonight I wonder why none of us share.



So often melancholy visits.

Like a dear friend unannounced,

we talk, yearning of the past.

Please leave now I must ask,

“Why” she says, “there’s more”.

It can not be.

Do you see,

There is